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Thank you for taking a moment to visit LBI Limited, specialists in the sales, brokerage, and collection management of investment quality collector cars. Established in 2009 by Andrew Mastin and Adolfo Massari at just 19 years of age, LBI Limited was created as an extension of a life-long passion for special automobiles. Advising our clients on an enthusiast basis coupled with alternative investment market knowledge, we have become a predominant force in the collector automobile industry. Read More »

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Since 2009, LBI has been catering to enthusiasts, investors, and collectors in the special interest automobile market place.

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  Deflating and depressing- two words that come to mind when we hear car stories in which owner’s have missed out on keeping or purchasing a car that heavily appreciated in value over the years. Almost every collector car enthusiast has one of these stories. It usually starts with; “In the early 80’s I coulda bought one of those Ferraris for (Insert low price here)…” and ends with a sigh, combined with a regretful shake of the head from both … Continue reading


  Maybe you’ve heard it before, “Wow! I had no idea it was worth that much!”. This is an all to common phrase when standing in front of a collector car with an unsuspecting non-car person. Sometimes we grapple with ourselves, trying to muster up an answer with proper justification as to why a car that was worth $25,000 two years ago is now worth $150,000. Since the 2008 recession, collector cars have only gained in value; is this a … Continue reading